Jann Edmondson

Jungle Boogie III, 2020
22 x 30 in
Jann Edmondson is a photographer and artist living in Hanover County, Virginia. Formally trained in fine art and design, Jann works across many mediums including acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Her artistic focus for the last 8 years has been abstract photography and the alternative photography technique of cyanotype. Growing up with artists on both sides of her family, Jann was encouraged from a young age to be creative. She and her mother would often do craft projects and paint together. She continued painting and creating throughout her teen years, completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Notre Dame College in NH, before attending Towson University outside of Baltimore, MD for a master’s in marketing communication. Jann took a break from professional art, to focus on a career in marketing and start a family. When her son was born, she picked up a camera and began to photograph him as a baby. That reignited her passion for art & creativity, and she dove back into creating art and photography on a regular basis. Since then, she has focused on photography and on alternative photography methods, such as cyanotype. Jann draws inspiration from nature, and loves to experiment with texture, color, composition and process to evolve her work. You can often find Jann outside, studying and picking plants and flowers for inspiration; and then inside testing, experimenting and creating with cyanotypes. In her latest collection, Jann brings more depth to her cyanotypes through an exploration with texture and color. By combining traditional cyanotype with a variety of mixed media and paper, she creates fun, colorful and expressive prints that reflect her love of both art and nature.


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