John Mckie

Love Triangle, 2022
Gouache and paint pen on paper
16 x 11.70 in
FROM THE ARTIST: I live in the north of England, just about on the Scottish border. I used to do normal jobs and had my own traditional business but it never suited me and really all I wanted to do was draw and make pictures. I draw everyday now, often on packaging and found materials. This is the only way I have found to live and work with some kind of freedom.​My pictures have been on show in recent years in London, The U.S.A., Copenhagen, London, Scotland, Vienna, Berlin, Ireland, and soon in France and have work in various online collections like The Whitney Counterweight collection and several outsider art collections.​I've recently sent pictures to UK, Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden.


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632 South Perkins Road
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