Noelle Holler

Yellow Saturn Moth, 2023
oil on wood panel
20 x 16 in
Noelle Holler is a contemporary realist painter of wildlife, landscapes, and portraits, working primarily in gouache. Born in Colorado to an adventurous family, much of her childhood was spent exploring the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Camping on peaks and along riverbanks and hiking trails in search of hidden natural treasures, she developed a lifelong love of the outdoors and habits of keen observation. Insect-collecting with her entomologist grandfather fostered joy in the unlikeliest of creatures. In 2006 she received her BFA at the University of Memphis, specializing in gouache. For the next fifteen years she devoted herself to the creative vocation of raising a family, taking commissions on the side. Noelle has four special kids and a brilliant, literature-professor husband. In 2020 she resumed art as a profession, but is still searching for a focus with a heart inspired by everything. Noelle's representational approach emphasizes the intricate patterns and bright colors of her subjects. Her art is an attempt to reflect the beauty and light of creation, an invitation to slow down and relish it all.


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632 South Perkins Road
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